Make A Statement!


I love statement necklaces. They are perfect to add that little pop to any outfit. Yesterday, I found some cute statement necklaces at My Story for 99 cents! Where else can you find the perfect statement necklace? Let’s talk about it!


Fashionably Yours,


6 thoughts on “Make A Statement!

  1. Woooaaaahhh! We really enjoyed your post about statement necklaces- so cute! We like to blog about fashion as well so maybe you will find our page interesting, check it out at and if you like it, give us a follow!
    have a great (and as always, fashionable) day!
    -alexis & athina

  2. Hi, I definitely love your statement necklaces. I am in SE Ga. Could you please tell me what My Story is. Sounds like road trip to me.



    1. Of course! My Story is a boutique in the Augusta Mall. Their clothes are gorgeous but highly priced….just like any boutique. They have a l o t of accessories and statement necklaces but their 99 cent jewelry rack is where I always head to first!

  3. Thank you for letting me know. The next time someone tells me they are coming to Augusta, I will ride along just to go into My Story

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