As I've progressed through college, I've come to understand how important it is to have your own space to unwind. My absolute favorite place to relax is in my room. I'm able to blog, do homework, and I even have enough space for my yoga! Where's your favorite place to relax?  

Spring Cleaning : Monarch 301 Edition

I moved in to Monarch 301 over the Summer and fell in love with my original room set up. Here is how my room looked before I decorated: Here is how it looked after: I think that it took about two days for me to fully complete my room. I kept it decorated this way … Continue reading Spring Cleaning : Monarch 301 Edition

Fashionably Decorating (thrifted finds)

I'll be moving in to my very first apartment on August 15th! I can't wait. After searching through Pinterest for cute ideas on how to dress up an apartment, I saw hundreds of cute collages and decided to give one a try! I found a ton of pictures that I wanted to use on my … Continue reading Fashionably Decorating (thrifted finds)