Burgundy Stripes

Have I talked about how much I love full length rompers?? Rompers are already the perfect piece for any day of the summer, but full-lengths one just give me that extra pizzaz! This burgundy romper was the perfect match for me and my afternoon activities. Loose and fitting in all the right areas, I may … Continue reading Burgundy Stripes

Summertime Shoes & A Tasty Juice

    While I was deciding what I should post today (and while I was  juicing), I thought about some of my favorite things I like to wear during the Summer. I thought of high-waisted jeans, over sized tops, and then sandals. Over the past few months, I've become obsessed with finding the perfect sandals … Continue reading Summertime Shoes & A Tasty Juice

Valentines Day Glam ft. Tae Lynn

What better way to be glamed-out for Valentines Day than with an awesome beat? I was able to get beat by the talented Ms.Tae Lynn. Check out her feature below and be sure to checkout my final look here! I kept it pretty simple for this Valentine's day. I went with my red jumper and pair … Continue reading Valentines Day Glam ft. Tae Lynn

Hometown Frills

  I wanted to do a quick post before I head out to run some errands. I did come back home to Augusta to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. We are hosting this year and let me be first to say that I am excited for some home cooked food. Augusta is a lot cooler … Continue reading Hometown Frills

Homecoming: Game Day

     Let's talk about these pants. Where do I begin? Bell bottoms or wide leg pants have been trending for a while. I was finally able to get my hands on a pair and I am in love. I never realized how flattering bell bottoms were until I first tried them on. They hug in … Continue reading Homecoming: Game Day

T-Shirt Time

              Is there a way to be cute while rocking your organization t-shirts? I do think so! Being so involved on campus requires several t-shirts and several organization fairs. I decided to share with you guys how I stay fashionable in my organization tees! As President of Her Campus … Continue reading T-Shirt Time

Thrifted Finds: Mom-jeans Monday

"Start each day with a thankful heart."  I'm not sure where I saw this quote today but I needed it. It is important to start your day with a  positive mindset and a thankful heart. This positive attitude will rub off on your peers and keep you grounded. Now let's get to my look. Isn't … Continue reading Thrifted Finds: Mom-jeans Monday

Thrifted Finds: Cool Cardigans

I'm excited to start something that has been in the works for a while now. Over the Summer, I have thrifted so many different pieces that I must share with you guys! Catch me every Thursday with a different Thrifted find. Let's start off with this fun flowy cardigan that I thrifted from a Goodwill … Continue reading Thrifted Finds: Cool Cardigans

What I Wore: Olympus Has Fallen

Hopefully you have seen my previous article detailing another amazing show put on by D.I.M.E.S. Olympus Has Fallen was a fashion production,indeed! Let's get into what I wore. I opted for something that would bring together both sides (Zeus and Hades). I went for a long-sleeved black and white romper and a pair of thick-heeled … Continue reading What I Wore: Olympus Has Fallen

Burgundy Bliss

Happy Thursday! I had almost no time to post my outfit yesterday. This month is definitely a busy one for me. There are so many events that I cannot wait to share on my blog! Let's get to my look. My mom came down to visit this past weekend and we went to a few … Continue reading Burgundy Bliss