Pancakes + Earl Grey Lavender Tea

One of my must-haves in the morning is a cup of hot tea.  I started off drinking regular Lipton tea in the mornings. The small jolt of caffeine eased me into my day before I would get a coffee. As I got more into different brands and flavors, one stood out in particular. Revolution Early … Continue reading Pancakes + Earl Grey Lavender Tea

Garlic Crusted Tilapia + Shrimp ‘n Spinach Penne

One of my favorite types of fish is tilapia! It's so quick and easy to cook and I love to try it out with different seasonings. Earlier in the week, I was craving some seafood. I searched through my fridge and came across a bag of tilapia and medium shrimp. I figured why not do … Continue reading Garlic Crusted Tilapia + Shrimp ‘n Spinach Penne

Chicken Ramen

I have to confess foodies.....I've had ramen once or twice in my lifetime. I was never really a fan of the taste. My friends and family growing up all enjoyed it, but I could not get paste the saltiness. More recently, I ran across this article from Buzzfeed.  21 Ways To Upgrade Your Instant Ramen . … Continue reading Chicken Ramen

4th of July Feast

This fourth of July, I wanted an array of delicious flavors on my plate. I read several different foodie blogs who were preparing for their cookouts! Thankfully there is a local meat market in Downtown Statesboro that had some great weekend deals. I picked up some hot dogs, burgers, wings, and spare ribs. I decided … Continue reading 4th of July Feast

Beef Macaroni Bake

This evening I wanted to make something quick, easy, and delicious that I could eat throughout the week. I had some ground beef and spaghetti sauce already on hand so I figured that I would create a macaroni bake. Try it our for yourself! 1 Box Large Macaroni Noodles 1 Can Diced Tomatoes 1 Can … Continue reading Beef Macaroni Bake

Rotisserie Chicken Salad

  I'm turning over a new leaf and expanding my inner foodie! I have a deep love for all things food related. From tasting different styles of cruises to trying out them out in the kitchen, I am falling in love with creating different plates. I am in no way a chef, just a college … Continue reading Rotisserie Chicken Salad