Game Day 🏈

Game day at Georgia Southern is somewhat of a tradition. Finding your perfect blue is white is a routine occasion! I found this off the shoulder romper at TJ Maxx for only $8. I knew it would be a little chilly so I made a few adjustments and turned it into an off the shoulder … Continue reading Game Day 🏈

Fashionably Yours: Apartment Edition

In order to begin the New Year properly, changes are definitely in order! In August, my roommates and I decided that we would have a collage of inspirational canvases and pictures of ourselves. This was a great idea, but we were lacking on pictures of ourselves. After five months of living together, we had tons of pictures … Continue reading Fashionably Yours: Apartment Edition

In Living Color

D.I.M.E.S made another fashionable appearance this past Thursday. Georgia Southern's Multicultural Student Center hosted their first welcome event entitled, "In Living Color". The mission of the Multicultural Student Center is to contribute to an inclusive learning environment by supporting the institutions efforts to retain and graduate students prepared for a diverse global society.  Organizations were chosen … Continue reading In Living Color

What I Wore: Olympus Has Fallen

Hopefully you have seen my previous article detailing another amazing show put on by D.I.M.E.S. Olympus Has Fallen was a fashion production,indeed! Let's get into what I wore. I opted for something that would bring together both sides (Zeus and Hades). I went for a long-sleeved black and white romper and a pair of thick-heeled … Continue reading What I Wore: Olympus Has Fallen

D.I.M.E.S Olympus Has Fallen

It just keeps getting better! D.I.M.E.S has come through again with another amazing fashion performance: Olympus Has Fallen. Our entire team has been working all semester to pull off this amazing production! Olympus Has Fallen was a greek-inspired fashion production. Zeus and Hades battled it out, while dost in designs created by D.I.M.E.S, clothing from … Continue reading D.I.M.E.S Olympus Has Fallen

Sweater Weather

Cheers to good hair days and perfect outfits for the weather! Fall-like weather and fall-like colors, but no Fall. I took full advantage of this cool day and immediately went for this burnt orange cardigan from Forever21. These pom shorts kept making their way to the top of my drawer and went perfectly with my … Continue reading Sweater Weather

Too Much Tuesday

It's Springtime, I guess? Statesboro weather can almost never make up its mind and my outfit is a definite reflection of that. Hot or cold, I just had to find something to go with my lace-up boots that I thrifted from a Goodwill in Augusta. These boots were in perfect shape and looked rugged enough … Continue reading Too Much Tuesday

Fashion’s Military Fascination Pt. 1

It's Friday Eve and I'm working on my very first project for my Fashion Fundamentals class. This project required us to select a topic from the book and create either a visual representation for the lesson, a Good Morning America segment, or a documentary. At first, I was really unsure of what topic that I … Continue reading Fashion’s Military Fascination Pt. 1

Serene Sunday

It's always fun finding one statement piece and then the rest of the outfit miraculously comes together. This is what happened when I found this great paisley blazer. I ran across this blazer while thrifting in Augusta.  I loved the colors and figured it would go well with some slacks or even a dress. This blazer stayed … Continue reading Serene Sunday


Happy Wednesday! After a long and well needed break, I decided to share my look with you guys. Have you ever had a something that you thought was a dress, but wasn't actually a dress? If so, then you will definitely be able to relate. You might remember this green and white striped dress from my … Continue reading Ripped