Each semester I try to prepare much better for the upcoming school year. What I've learned having lived in my place is.......organize, organize, organize! I've always been a fan of cute space containers and hideaways for all of your stuff. You might remember seeing a few in my previous room changes( 1 & 2) As my organizations … Continue reading #StudentLifeHappens

Morning Routine + Clarisonic

I think we all look for the best way to start our mornings. Whether it be a relaxing hot shower, a fresh cup of green tea, or morning yoga, there's nothing like that special touch to jump-start your day. For me, I've made the Clarisonic Deep Pore Mia 2 to my own daily rejuvenation routine. Because, who … Continue reading Morning Routine + Clarisonic

Back to Basics

The overalls trend is making a comeback and I am so here for it! Over the summer, I was on the hunt for my own cute pair. I was hoping to find a full-length pair of overalls with a boyfriend-jean fit.I searched high and low but was unable to find the pair I wanted. Luckily, before … Continue reading Back to Basics