Forever 21 Finds : Going Green

Now that I am back in my routine of school, I can share some of my new outfits! Forever 21 had an amazing end of summer sale and I found some great pieces. Stay tuned in the next few weeks to see them all -- One of the first pieces in my Forever 21 finds … Continue reading Forever 21 Finds : Going Green

Burgundy Stripes

Have I talked about how much I love full length rompers?? Rompers are already the perfect piece for any day of the summer, but full-lengths one just give me that extra pizzaz! This burgundy romper was the perfect match for me and my afternoon activities. Loose and fitting in all the right areas, I may … Continue reading Burgundy Stripes

Embroidered Bliss

  What's better than wearing bright colors in the Summertime? I think I am turning over a new leaf to wear lighter colors (maybe). The first thing that I thought when I put on this romper was how much I really like this color orange. I'm not sure my pictures give it as much justice … Continue reading Embroidered Bliss

Jumper + Nude Lips

Isn't it great finally getting to wear something you never thought you would? And rocking it?? That's how I felt about this super cute full length romper.I found this romper a few years ago at TJ Maxx in Augusta. It was on clearance and another woman had just put it back. As a romper fanatic, … Continue reading Jumper + Nude Lips

Basic Blues

  What's something that I've only had one pair of ever ---- Converse! I had a black and white low-top pair in high school. And of course they had a cool personalized drawing on the tip. I have not run across another pair of Converse that I've wanted to buy. If you can't already tell, I … Continue reading Basic Blues

Burgundy Bliss

Happy Thursday! I had almost no time to post my outfit yesterday. This month is definitely a busy one for me. There are so many events that I cannot wait to share on my blog! Let's get to my look. My mom came down to visit this past weekend and we went to a few … Continue reading Burgundy Bliss

Carefree Kimono x’s 2

  Don't you hate when the wind just won't let you be great? That was me today while I was shooting but I think they came out pretty cool. I've been trying to find a cool outfit to go with this great kimono cardigan that I found a while back. Lucky me, I came up … Continue reading Carefree Kimono x’s 2

Let’s Get Ready to Interview!

Over the summer, one of my main goals was to get a job. I applied to several on campus openings and off campus retail stores. Depending on the job position, my outfits have  ranged from business casual dresses to rompers and skirts. Yesterday, I had an interview at Maurice's here in Statesboro. They had a … Continue reading Let’s Get Ready to Interview!

Tribal Wednesday

It's Hump Day! Having already known today would be sunny and warm, I chose an outfit to match the weather. I wore a tribal print top that I found in Platoh's closet in Augusta. What I really like about this top is the pattern and the material. I've always been a fan anything tribal printed … Continue reading Tribal Wednesday