Fashionably Yours: Apartment Edition

In order to begin the New Year properly, changes are definitely in order! In August, my roommates and I decided that we would have a collage of inspirational canvases and pictures of ourselves. This was a great idea, but we were lacking on pictures of ourselves. After five months of living together, we had tons of pictures … Continue reading Fashionably Yours: Apartment Edition

Sweater Weather

Cheers to good hair days and perfect outfits for the weather! Fall-like weather and fall-like colors, but no Fall. I took full advantage of this cool day and immediately went for this burnt orange cardigan from Forever21. These pom shorts kept making their way to the top of my drawer and went perfectly with my … Continue reading Sweater Weather

Back to School With the College Girl!

Fall semester has officially started and I'm almost already overwhelmed. This year, I really wanted to get more involved on campus while still updating my blog regularly and taking on my third semester with CollegeFashionista. As much of a mouthful as that last sentence was, imagine how packed my days are. I'm taking 13 hours … Continue reading Back to School With the College Girl!

Friday Fresh

It's Friday! Which doesn't mean much, if you're taking summer classes. Studying has become an all day/all night type of thing. This morning, I knew that I would have a busy day. I tried to pick an outfit that would not only keep me cool, but keep me comfortable while I'm on the go! I've … Continue reading Friday Fresh

Tribal Wednesday

It's Hump Day! Having already known today would be sunny and warm, I chose an outfit to match the weather. I wore a tribal print top that I found in Platoh's closet in Augusta. What I really like about this top is the pattern and the material. I've always been a fan anything tribal printed … Continue reading Tribal Wednesday

Mundane Monday

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this is my very favorite flannel. I found this flannel last summer at Goodwill in Augusta ad haven't been able to depart from it. What I love about flannels in general is how versatile they are. You can wear a flannel with shorts, jeans, a dress, … Continue reading Mundane Monday

CollegeFashionista Update!

Hi Y'all! As many of you may know, I am a style guru intern for CollegeFashinista. If you are following me on instagram, you will see my posts everyday to their site. For this Friday, I decided to blog my own style. For those who don't know, these posts are called Style Guru Style. I … Continue reading CollegeFashionista Update!

Organizing Your Scarves

              If you are as swamped with scarves as I am, you've been in search of a solution. From using tacks on the walls, to just throwing my scarves in a box, I was completely unsure of what to do about my scarves. After searching on Pinterest for cute ideas, … Continue reading Organizing Your Scarves

Guess What Day It Is?

It's Hump Day! That has to be one of my favorite comercials. It's still gloomy and rainy here in Statesboro, but I get through it. With three classes today from 9-3:30, I wanted to wear something comfortable and cute. I fell in love with this striped sweater when I saw it online! Luckily, I was … Continue reading Guess What Day It Is?

A Rainy Start to Spring Semester

What a rainy and cold day in Statesboro! This morning it was about 38 degrees and drizzling. Luckily,  I had already prepared to dress warm and just needed a pair of rainboots. You might remember a variation of this outfit from last semester. Instead of leggings and a black sweater, I wore a beige flowy … Continue reading A Rainy Start to Spring Semester