My favorite #AFLove Jeans

What's better than fall fashion? Big sweaters and leggings make me really happy. I'm sitting on a ton of scarves that I cannot wait to play with once it cools down. Jeans are another staple piece in my fall closet. A great pair of jeans can make my outfit complete! One of my favorite pair … Continue reading My favorite #AFLove Jeans

Thrifted Finds – Back 2 School

As I prepare for the upcoming semester, there were a few things that I had to check off of my to-do list. Visiting some thrift stores was one of them! I ran into some awesome finds at Goodwill in Statesboro -- check them out! Floral Jumper - Petticoat Alley Floral Shift Dress - Old Navy … Continue reading Thrifted Finds – Back 2 School

Thrifted Finds: Corduroy Comfort

  As I was deciding what I should wear, I started to think about combinations that I had never tried before. I've talked about how I have hardly ever worn Converse shoes or skirts and even jeans that often. This year, I really want to expand my style and try different looks on me. One … Continue reading Thrifted Finds: Corduroy Comfort

Thrifted Finds : Flamenco Feels

This shirt always caught my eye with its beautiful sleeves and neck details. It immediately reminded me of  Flamenco dancers. These dancers adorned themselves in vivid colors, their gowns accented with ruffles. All I was missing was a string of peals and a rose in my hair! Having seen this top so often, I knew that I … Continue reading Thrifted Finds : Flamenco Feels

Thrifted Finds: Cool Cardigans

I'm excited to start something that has been in the works for a while now. Over the Summer, I have thrifted so many different pieces that I must share with you guys! Catch me every Thursday with a different Thrifted find. Let's start off with this fun flowy cardigan that I thrifted from a Goodwill … Continue reading Thrifted Finds: Cool Cardigans

Serene Sunday

It's always fun finding one statement piece and then the rest of the outfit miraculously comes together. This is what happened when I found this great paisley blazer. I ran across this blazer while thrifting in Augusta.  I loved the colors and figured it would go well with some slacks or even a dress. This blazer stayed … Continue reading Serene Sunday

Thrifted Goodies!

    It’s another rainy day here in Augusta so I was excited to finally get to wear my new/thrifted Coach rain boots. I found these Coach rain boots at Goodwill in Statesboro for about thirty bucks! I love the colors of these boots; they matched perfectly with my oversized pink shirt. I think I … Continue reading Thrifted Goodies!